Titanium Rain - Diamond and Titanium Earrings

18 Karat rose gold

7,900.00 CHF

Product Details

Titanium Fiber Collection - Rain
The Rain design recalls the romance of rain-swept landscaped, with tiny strands of titanium recreating the quick brushstrokes of Impressionist Art. Fully set with diamonds and filled with fine strands of titanium, the innovative technique plays with light and transparency, allowing the jewels to adapt to and complement all skin tones.

- Small brilliant diamonds weighing 0.54 carat, F colour VS clarity
- Titanium fiber
- 18 Karat rose gold


Inspired by the way Impressionist painters captured nature’s and light movements with tiny brushstrokes, Boghossian uses minuscule strands of titanium to create a gossamer-fine finish with a gleaming, painterly effect.