Kissing - Diamond, Aquamarine and Turquoise Bangle

18 Karat white gold

Product Details

Kissing Collection - Air
From East to West, we are united beneath a vast and endless sky. The Air element reflects the constantly changing hues of the heavens, using gemstones of exceptional beauty - from ethereal, celestial blue to vivid cerulean.

- One lozenge-shaped diamond 1.07 carats, D colour VVS2 clarity, 1 GIA certificate
- One fancy-shaped aquamarine 15.77 carats, origin Madagascar
- Turquoise 34.75 carats
- Small brilliant diamonds 2.04 carats
- 18 Karat white gold

BRTD 00129

The Kissing technique is a signature of our Maison. Two precious gems appear to embrace in a delicate dance, each one chosen to complement and enhance the other’s colour and beauty.