Kissing - Diamond and Guava Quartz Earrings

18 Karat white gold

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Kissing Collection - Desert Rose
A stunning natural phenomenon, desert roses bloom in arid lands throughout the Silk Road. Created when water evaporates in a shallow salt basin, desert roses are formed of crystallised minerals. The result of Mother Nature’s forces of rain, wind and pressure, these crystals are shaped into petal-like structures, each one completely unique. 

Interpreted here by Boghossian, a single piece of sandy-pink Guava quartz is hand-carved into overlapping petals, dusted with half-moon diamonds to recall the sparkle of sunlight on crystallised sand. The result of years of planning, the sophisticated one-of-a-kind jewels pay tribute to Mother Nature’s ability to create beauty in the most unexpected places.

- Eight half-moon-shaped diamonds 2.40 carats, D-J colour VVS2-SI1 clarity
- Twelve triangular-shaped diamonds 1.32 carats, F-G colour SI clarity
- Guava quartz 73.60 carats
- Small brilliant diamonds 0.36 carats, F colour VS clarity
- 18 Karat white gold

ERGD 00757

The Kissing technique is a signature of our Maison. Two precious gems appear to embrace in a delicate dance, each one chosen to complement and enhance the other’s colour and beauty.