Kissing - Diamond and Emerald Earrings

18 Karat white gold

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Kissing Collection - Earth
The lush oases found on the Silk Road are a celebrated source of hope, vitality and life. The Earth element features precious green gemstones, their verdant hues a symbol of fertility and new beginnings across civilisations.

- Sixteen flat emerald cabochon 22.43 carats
- Baguette-shaped diamonds 16.86 carats, G-H color VS clarity
- Eighteen fancy-shaped rose-cut diamonds 5.43 carats
- 18 Karat white gold

Earrings of SETE 00037

The Kissing technique is a signature of our Maison. Two precious gems appear to embrace in a delicate dance, each one chosen to complement and enhance the other’s colour and beauty.